Touring the Feature

Katie Votel, Staff Writer

Seniors are facing a tough decision right now: what to do after high school. Many seniors are planning on going to college, and that process starts with college tours. Some students have been touring since freshman year, while some just started this year. When talking with seniors about their tours, one common theme prevails: variety. Many students want to see different types of schools with contrasting student body populations, different locations, and diverse campus life.

“Seeing different types of schools makes me realize what I want, and don’t want, in a school,” said Piper Lee ’23. 

Touring contrasting schools helps seniors narrow down their college choices and find the perfect fit for them. One student toured the University of Minnesota, College of St. Bens, UW Eau Claire, Lehigh University, Boston College, University of Miami, Lynn University, Grand Canyon University, Pepperdine University, Southern Methodist University, and Western Washington University. The class of 2023 is looking for opposing regions, religious affiliations, and populations on these college tours.

After finding out what type of school a student is a good fit for, their next task is to consider what sets similar schools apart.  

“Schools that focus on students’ needs and provide exceptional resources set the school apart from others,” said Anna Caflisch ’23. 

Schools that deliver career-focused services, outstanding extracurricular activities, and opportunities for students to grow make a school more appealing to students. Also, yummy dining hall food and functional dorm rooms are also a plus for students.

“Seeing all of the beautiful campuses and attending school events, like football games, are my favorite parts of college tours,” said Morgan Redden ’23.

Students appreciate the unique campus architecture and aesthetics while touring. (Greta Cunningham)

College tours can be very fun and informative as students now face the toughest part of the college admissions process: college applications.