All About the 2021-22 Yearbook!


The yearbook staff celebrates a successful yearbook distribution.

Leah Hausmann, Staff Writer

As the school year wraps up, one of its telltale signs is the unveiling of the school yearbook. The yearbook becomes more creative every year, with selected themes, colors, icons, slogans, and even fonts. This year’s theme was voted on by 16 members of the CDH yearbook crew to be “Twenty, Take 2” with an emphasis on movie aesthetics. The theme, in addition to the title, is a spin on the “clapperboard” movie sets use during production. This is why the crew chose chevron and arrow symbols in the book to mimic the film slate on movie sets.

Compared to last year, this year’s issue has more coverage due to in-person classes and the return of activities and sports. Important pages were able to make a comeback such as Homecoming, Silverbelle, social media pages, and more.

An addition to the 2022 CDH yearbook is Yearbook+. In the past, all yearbook pages were submitted before spring sports and activities began, and therefore, they have not been included in the yearbook. However, with Yearbook+, they can be highlighted through a QR Code which brings up an online image folder. This software allows the yearbook crew to continue adding images to the folder even when the yearbook has been released to ensure spring sports get the recognition they deserve. This feature doesn’t just stop at spring sports: senior students will be able to add to this feature as well. Seniors will have their own QR Code embedded in their senior picture and will be able to add up to ten photos into their own folder that others will be able to scan and view. This feature offers a more personal and inclusive component to the yearbook.

With these developments, the yearbook crew is excited for CDH to explore the new book after months of hard work. From page designer to photographers to writers to editors, everyone has contributed and is proud of the final product. Twenty, Take 2!