The CDH community celebrates a year fully in-person

Like many teachers and students, Dan Kotasek is relieved to be back in person again.

“Being able to make connections and be face to face is so valuable, so I prefer in-person over distance learning,” he said.

Kotasek likes being in person so much that he would consider it one of his top memories this school year so far.

“My favorite memory is just seeing us all back in person together and not on zoom,” he said. 

Students and teachers alike find it easier to learn and teach within the classroom, especially for their favorite classes. Kotasek teaches a wide range of social studies subjects, including economics, psychology, and spectrum, but ultimately prefers to teach his AP Psychology classes. 

Jessie Botello, a beloved science teacher’s, favorite class to teach is Honors Chemistry. Fortunately, this school year gave Botello the ability to host her favorite class in ideal in-school learning circumstances. Even with everything that has happened in recent years regarding the pandemic, she has still been able to create memorable experiences as a member of the Cretin-Derham Hall community.

“My favorite memory this school year so far has been the homecoming pep fest,” said Botello.

Botello, along with many students and staff, was overjoyed to be able to gather in the fieldhouse for the annual school festivity to celebrate homecoming, in addition to gathering in the classroom.

“I prefer in-person learning over distance because it is so much easier to interact with students,” she said.

Teaching science which involves hands-on learning and labs, being back in person gives Botello and her students the ability to interact and discuss class content much more comfortably.

“I prefer in-person classes because it’s so much easier to learn and ask questions and I like getting to see people,” said Ellie Cassidy ’23.

It’s no surprise that the vibrant Ellie Cassidy excels not only within school but also in the arts.

“My favorite memory this school year was the last show day of The Velveteen Rabbit, where I played Beth,” said Cassidy.

Her outgoing personality makes her a natural in our school productions, and her creative talent doesn’t stop outside the classroom.

“One of my favorite classes to take at CDH is ceramics,” said Cassidy. 

Ceramics is definitely one of the more difficult classes to take online, and Cassidy is glad to be back in the classroom rather than distance learning.