Good News for CDH Winter Sports

Annie Noyes

As COVID-19 cut short Cretin-Derham Hall’s winter sports and activities this year, student-athletes have been eager to get back. In November, Governor Tim Walz decided to put a pause to winter youth athletics considering the elevating COVID-19 cases in Minnesota. Therefore, basketball, dance, skiing, hockey, and many other activities were cut short this year for in-person practices and gatherings. On December 16, Walz had a press conference regarding the opening of Minnesota youth sports, gyms, restaurants and more.


Walz decided to loosen Covid-19 restrictions for youth sports beginning January 4th. This caused excitement for student-athletes who have been taken away from their activities for the last month. Minnesota’s COVID-19 infection rates have been slowly declining, which creates a better opportunity for a safer return to winter sports and activities.


As of now, youth high school sports will not be able to have games, but only practices. Walz wants to slowly adjust to the return of these activities to see how it affects infection rates. He also gave schools the option to push back the return to in-person activities and athletics, considering students are quickly coming back from winter break. Finally, it seems like there is a light at the end of the tunnel with some sense of normalcy as winter sports return! Cretin-Derham Hall is looking forward to starting winter sports, tryouts and practices.