Today, the CDH Chronicle is saddened to say goodbye to our beloved advisor, teacher, and friend, Julie Quinn-Kiernan, as she goes onto her retired life. To commemorate her time at the paper, our staff, her students, and her colleagues wrote messages to wish her well. We love you QK! *This article may change or be updated as more responses come in*

Greta Cunningham, Assistant Managing Editor: Telling stories is about creating connections between people; no matter what form we dedicate ourselves to, it’s one of the most important things we do. Building these skillsets is vital. Because of your years of passionate dedication to the Chronicle, generations of students have had the opportunity to create meaningful communication within their various levels of community, form the global one we share as human beings to the intimate one we’ve created at CDH. As I said in my application for the Chronicle, this newspaper guided me through my freshmen year by sharing study tips for my first AP class, teaching me about CDH traditions, quieting my fears with information in this pandemic, and guiding me in exploring the culture of my new school, just as it does for so many other students. As writing is typically solitary, the community you’ve created within the staff is essential for fostering encouragement, peer mentorship, and overall learning between dedicated writers. Your devotion to CDH and this paper has cultivated a strong legacy that we can continue building on for years to come. Communication is the building block of all compassion, resolution, and relationships. Our other gifts are only as impactful as our communication. Thank you for empowering us to grow as communicators, writers, and most of all, people. 

Cherry Hope Jordan, Managing Editor:

Ms. Qk,

Thank you so much for a great few years on the Chronicle! I joined last year but in the time I have worked with you it has been so much fun. Thank you for being a supportive teacher for all of us and overall a wonderful person. We’re going to miss you so much on the Chronicle team. I wish you the best as you retire! Get some well deserved rest.

Adamari Vargas-Jimenez, Writer:

Dear Ms. QK,Thank you for being such an amazing teacher, and an

amazing guide for our chronicle. You will be missed dearly, and I hope whatever is next for you is brings you lots of happiness and joy.

Bella Brick, Editor in Chief: QK,

Words cannot describe how grateful I am to have met you last year. Thank you for being the best role model, teacher, and advisor anyone could ask for. Good luck in your next chapter of life, it is well deserved!

John Schwirtz, student: “One of the funnier teachers in my schedule.”


Keira Diaz, student: Dear QK,
You have been such a great science teacher to me! I love the labs we used to do and the little games you would surprise our class with. Your teaching is super helpful and very effective for me as a student. I will miss you as my bio teacher, but I hope you are happy and spending lots of time with your family now. Have a great rest of your life!

CeCe Aman, student: Dear QK,

I may have only gotten the chance to spend a few weeks with you this trimester, but I’ve definitely had fun so far and have learned a lot! You’re one of the nicest teachers I’ve had at CDH, and I’m going to miss the morning advent calendar activities. I wish you the best of luck and hope to see you in the future:)


Ksenia Mudrik, student: Hello Ms. QK! As I am a new student, I didn’t have the opportunity to get to know you very much. I am glad that I started studying Biology  in CDH with you as a teacher. Those few classes I had were amazing. Thank you very much! I wish you health, happiness and success. Merry Christmas!


Nick Guzik, student, writer: Thank you Ms. Q.K. for helping me continue my interests within the environment🌱☀️Your fun and positive energy always helped me through Biology & APES!

Kirsten Lyons, student: Ms. QK was one of my favorite science teachers. She was funny and able to keep all of us really engaged. Her class was a time in the day for me to not have to worry about my other work. She made biology fun and interesting and I was always excited to go to her class.

Jeffry Ko, student:
To Ms.QK:
You’ve always been an excellent teacher for me. Thank you for being so patient with me and all other students, for educating us and helping us to become a better version of ourselves. We’ll remember your guidance forever and to keep working hard. Wish you a happy retirement.