Stacey Abrams’ determination to register voters

Cherry Jordan, Managing Editor

With the toll of the stressful election now subsiding for many after a week of Biden’s projected victory, many are now analyzing the details of how the blue party prevailed. Because a number of states switched from a predicted Republican vote to a Democratic popular vote, this year’s presidential election will certainly be a lengthy chapter in American history textbooks.

Voters. Often underestimated or suppressed, voters have always played the essential role in elections, from the local to national level. In this election, however, the power of the voter turnout and voter registration proved immense in deciding the outcome. Returning to the grassroots of her communities, one particular woman mobilized a significant group of voters in her southern state. Politician Stacey Abrams successfully registered an eye-opening number of over 800,000 voters in Georgia.

Where did this politically powerful force of a woman come from? While serving as a part of the Georgia House of Representatives, Abrams also founded ​Fair Fight​, an organization geared towards protecting voters’ rights. Her work, however, is not limited to the state level. Two more organizations were launched under her name: ​Fair Count​ ensures accurate census numbers, while the ​Southern Economic Advancement Project​ hones in on reducing inequalities in southern states through economic and public policy. Today, these organizations, in addition to Abrams’ personal efforts as a politician, collectively work towards making America an equitable country.

Two years ago, in 2018, Abrams was defeated in the run for governor of Georgia by Republican Brian Kemp, Georgia’s Secretary of State. However, this was no ordinary loss. For reasons including “inactivity,” “error,” and “maintaining voting records,” over one million voters’ registrations were revoked by Kemp’s team. Abrams cited this move made by Kemp and his office as a significant contribution to her “stolen election.” Despite having lost in 2018, Abrams continued her work this year by weeding out Georgian communities of unregistered black voters.

This brings us to the 2020 presidential election, where Abrams’ determination to remind the United States of the power of the voter stands as a vital component to Biden’s win this month. For over twenty years, Georgia has been viewed as a largely Republican state. Now, with enthusiastic voters seeing their voice working hand-in-hand with democracy, Democrats could narrowly win Georgia again in the near future.


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