New Seasons

Emma Ostrom, Danny Honsa

As a Catholic school, we are bonded together by our faith, but through the recent events of COVID-19, our sports programs have taken a toll. Some programs have had a delay to the start of their season, while others have continued on with practices. Outside events limit the number of guests able to come, and indoor events only allow family members or close friends. These regulations and guidelines have changed how we play sports and view them, changing the CDH guidelines of safety and precaution for their athletes and students. 

With every day bringing new and unexpected changes, the football team is extremely grateful to have a season, even with all the new rules. To take all precautions necessary to keep all players and faculty safe, it has been decided that each football player is limited to two fans per game, and there will be no student sections. To get more insight into the players’ feelings toward the schedule changes, we spoke with Colin Benick, a junior on the varsity football team. Colin explained, “With all of the new rules set in place, it’s harder to get hyped for a game and to get the momentum going when there isn’t a school cheering you on the whole game. I feel like you play on a different level when there is a crowd of students behind you, cheering and chatting.” Clearly, not being able to have the in-person support of our school has affected the entire football team, even though we understand that the precautions are there because the health of our community is always the top priority. It is with heavy hearts that the fans were stripped from the bleachers, but through the players’ love for the game, we will continue cheering them on from a safe distance.

As an indoor sport, volleyball has suffered even stricter restrictions. One of our volleyball players, Becca Witzel, wrote “COVID has changed our high school season mostly for our games. It’s sad to not be able to have a student section or as many spectators as we normally do, and it definitely changes the energy of the game. It’s always fun to have a crowd that is cheering at a game.” Coming from our own student voice, this is a sad statement to take to heart. The seasons of many sports have changed from a wild and crazy to a much more mellow and laid back practice schedule. No fans and no cheering really brings down the atmosphere at sporting events and completely changed the environment surrounding our games.

COVID-19 protocol has caused the student section and cheering to be almost entirely subsided, but, with that said, the students are simply happy to be back playing the sports they love. Because of this, until rules are changed, the CDH community will continue to cheer our athletics and extracurriculars on at a safe distance or virtually.