2020-2021 Staff

Kathryn Fritz

My name is Kathryn Fritz, I go by she/ her and I have a twin sister named Hannah.

Aimee Fiedler

She/Her My name is Aimee Fiedler. I am a senior. I am on the CDH girl’s soccer team, and I am a manager for the girl’s lacrosse team. Outside of school, I enjoy spending time with family and friends.

Caitlin Mulcahy

Hi I’m Caitlin Mulcahy! My pronouns are she/her/hers. I am junior at CDH. I love to play soccer, hangout with family and friends, and be outside! I am very excited to capture all aspects of what makes CDH so great through writing!

Saela Schwab

Hi! I’m Saela Schwab, a junior here at CDH. My pronouns are she/her/hers. I’m addicted to chai tea, and most teas at that. You’ll usually find me hanging out with friends, trying new cooking recipes, or reading a good book....

Carley McGovern

Pronouns: She/her I am a senior and have been a staff writer since junior year. contact: [email protected]

Natasha Krieger

Pronouns: she/her My name is Natasha and I am a junior this year! I am on CDH Swim Team and in my free time I enjoy reading and playing piano. contact: [email protected]

Cherry Jordan

Cherry Jordan

Pronouns: She/her/hers Hello! My name is Cherry and I am a senior this year. I serve as managing editor for the Chronicle, but also spend my time playing the piano, making art, volunteering, reading, and spending time with...

Cecilia Shearon

Cecilia Shearon

she/hers Living, loving, and laughing on her own time and by her own terms. Passionate about tater tots, human rights, and bringing the two together.

Ellen Murphy

She/Her Hi! My name is Ellen Murphy and I am a senior. I love spending time with family and friends, and I also love playing volleyball and yoga.

Maegan Tierney

I am Maegan Tierney, a junior. My pronouns are she/her/hers. A fun fact about me is I love to travel to places that I’ve never been to and, try new things. I would love to share my stories or look into more eventful topics to...

Leah Hausmann

She/Her Hi, my name is Leah Hausmann. I am a junior. I love to bake, I enjoy the outdoors, and I am on the swim team for CDH, as well as my club team. Contact me: [email protected]

Emma Ostrom

She/her/hers Hi, my name is Emma Ostrom. A fun fact about me is that I am a huge owl and love watching the stars.

Lily Barrett

Pronouns: she/her fun fact: I play hockey Contact me: [email protected]

Greta Cunningham

She/Her Hello! My name is Greta Cunningham, and I’m a junior and the Chronicle’s Editor in Chief. Outside of my passion for writing, both creative and journalistic, I figure skating and am involved in Student Council, Mock...

Bella Brick

Bella Brick

Pronouns: she/her/hers Hi! My name is Bella and I have an unhealthy baking addiction. If you need me, email [email protected]

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